Virtualisera Windows 7 desktops? Vad skall man använda?

Det talas en del om VDI-lösnignar (att virtualisera hela desktopen för användarna) nu för tiden.
En intressant artikel från Citrix handlar om jämförelsen mellan Hyper-V och XenServer.
Läs gärna hela artikeln här: http://community.citrix.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=131334785

Intressant punkter:
Before getting to the results, here is the "caveat emptor":

■These results have not yet been replicated on a broad set of hardware, and
■They are not intended to be conclusive or definitive - you can't argue that they represent "truth" for real world use cases or even generalize this to mean anything more than that for this particular test, these were the results. Moreover Microsoft has now announced SP1 for Hyper-V, and XenServer "Midnight Ride" is in public beta, so the results are of transient interest only. We will test the latest & greatest from all vendors and publish the results soon.
■Finally, since these results come from Citrix, and not an independent benchmarking team with no potential conflict of interest, you might want to simply disregard them until such time as those independent benchmarks are available. Indeed you ought to treat any vendor self-publicized benchmarks with a degree of caution.

■Compare single server VM density for XenDesktop 4 using several hypervisors, including HyperV R2, XenServer 5.5, and others. In every case all vendor recommended optimizations for maximum performance and guest density were enabled. In our results we present XenServer 5.5, Hyper-V R2 and the best other hypervisor result.
■Determine maximum density of useful desktop VMs per host and per CPU core

Åsså lite grafer:

Vi ser här att Hyper-V är mer effetktiv än både XenServer och "andra" virtualisering motorer när det gäller Windows 7.

När det handlar om att virtualisera Windows XP är dock XenServer klart bättre än Hyper-V (som här faktiskt är riktigt långt efter).

Läs gärna hela artikeln. Den är intressant och man tar upp en hel del tankar om varför ovanstående inte riktigt hela sanningen.. :)

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