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Poster: XenServer network ports and connections

[updated again: 2012-10-11. Se changelog below for details]
[updated: 2012-01-02. Se changelog below for details] 
[that's "second of January in the year 2012" to be absolutly clear :)]

Since I have made this poster in English I will also write this post in English (for the convenience of the English-speaking). Normally I only write in Swedish (the name of the blogg "DiverseTips" could be translated to something like "Miscellaneous Tips")

This is my second poster in english (the first one is here ("XenServer XE Command Reference")).

Like the first one this one also is about Citrix XenServer.
In this poster I have been focusing on XenServer and the ports needed for XenServer to work. I have included Provisioning Services since that was what I needed myself. :)
I had a thought to also include XenApp and all that, but it was too much info to put onto just one page.. Also there are alot of good posters about XenApp out there, but I haven't found that many about Citrix XenServer...

In this blogpost the newest version of my XenServer network ports and connections poster will be found. (so if you want to save the URL, this blogpost is the one to put in your favorites :))

For the moment the newest public version of the poster is 1.3 and is created for XenServer 6.1

It looks like this:

The poster can be downloaded from here: http://public.diversetips.se/XenServer 6.1 Ports and Connections (1.3).pdf

Suggestions for improvements / changes will be gratefully received!

As I said before; I like posters. They convey alot of information in a dense format. I can print them and decorate the walls in my office, and they make me more productive since they help me find information quickly.
I have written about posters many times before and all those blogposts are found under the label "Posters".

- First public release
- Cosmetic changes, spelling
- Added Storage Link as a storage repository.
- Added arrows on connections to show directions of the connections.
- Changed port for Syslog server (thanks Roberto for heads up!!)
- Updated ports used by Xenserver pool when connecting to Active Directory
- Updated ports used in the Provisioning farm (depending on version)
- Updated ports used by VMs when connecting to PVS farm

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hy,
    great chart, but there is one small typo. Syslog uses UDP port 514, not 512.


  2. Good catch Roberto!!
    I will update the poster. Thanks!!

    @Christiano: Thanks for your positive feedback. It is much appreciated!

    //Björn Andersson

  3. Update 2012-06-24 (YYYY-MM-DD like we write it in Sweden) :)

    This article should be of interest:

    I will update the poster as soon as popssible. (time shortage right now)

  4. Awsome. Thank you!


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