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Poster: XenServer XE-Command Reference

Since I have made this poster in English I will also write this post in English (for the convenience of the English-speaking). Normally I only write in Swedish (the name of the blogg "DiverseTips" could be translated to something like "Miscellaneous Tips")

Oh, well...
I like posters. They convey alot of information in a dense format. I can print them and decorate the walls in my office, and they make me more productive since they help me find information quickly.
I have written about posters many times before and all those blogposts are found under the label "Posters".

In this blogpost the newest version of my XenServer XE-Command Reference will be found. (so if you want to save the URL, this blogpost is the one to put in your favorites :))

For the moment the newest public version of the poster is 1.1 and is created for XenServer 6.0.
(EDIT 2012-04-07: It has been verified with XenServer 6.0.2 also)

It looks like this:

All XE-commands that are red are new in XenServer 6.0.
The commands are somewhat grouped, but one command can be applicable in more than one group. Therefore the same command can be found in more than one place.  (those are no typos :)

The poster can be downloaded from here: XenServer 6.0 XE-Command Reference (1.1).pdf

Suggestions for improvements / changes will be gratefully received!

(Edit: 2012-01-04:
Since I made this poster I have also made another one that also is about XenServer:
 - Poster: XenServer network ports and connections)


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