larmhantering i vSphere

Det var ett tag sedan jag hade nått om VMware här på bloggen så det börjar bli dags nu. :)

David Davis har skrivit en artikel som sammanfattar rätt bra själva grunderna kring larm vSphere.
Det står så här i sammanfattningen till den artikeln:
In this article, we learned the 5 things that oyu need to know about VMware vSphere Alarms.

- vSphere has 33 pre-configured and enabled alarms
- Alarms trickle down the vSphere inventory hierarchy
- vSphere has a Triggered Alarms and an Alarm Definitions View
- vSphere has 8 Alarm monitoring types
- An Alarm is defined by with a type, trigger, and action

In point #5, we learned that creating a new alarm is easy by following my simple 7 steps. Overall, it is crucial for vSphere Admins to understand how alarms work in order to properly monitor their virtual infrastructure and to be alerted of issues that need to be resolved. I encourage you to spend a few minutes working with vSphere alarms!

hela artikeln hittar man här:

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