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Mer Microsoft Surface recension från Mark Minasi.

Igår kom ytterligare information från Mark kring den recension jag skrev om här.
Jag tänkte helt enkelt lägga in mailet från Mark, så läs och njut (jag har lagt till lite fetstilar å sånt för att få det lättare att läsa):

Thanks for all the kind email that I got about my review of Windows RT and the Surface.  The piece got an enormous number of hits as well as some very good questions so I wanted to put together a short email with the Q&A, so if you don't care about the Surface and RT, then please just skip this... I'll be back to Server stuff in the next newsletter.  Still with me?  Here goes...

If you didn't see the original piece, it's at

Comment:  You Picked On My Zune!
Answer:  let me just take this time to abjectly apologize for saying mean things about Brussels sprouts and the Zune.  I learned a long time ago to never say anything even mildly negative about Small Business Server, but I had no idea that the Zune Collective was so very... organized.  Honestly, folks, I have no personal experience with either the XBox or the Zune, I was just going with the buzz.

Question:  How's the Remote Desktop client?
Great question, wish I'd included it in the newsletter originally. RT's Remote Desktop client is essentially identical to the one you have on Vista and Windows 7 -- full featured and way useful.  Heck, I'm thinking about putting my example 2012 servers in the cloud and just bringing my 4G hotspot and the Surface to teach my Server 2012 class... it'd be a whole lot less lifting!

 Question:  Does PowerShell Remoting Work?
I have not completely researched this, but I CAN say after I enabled remoting on my Windows 7 box, I could do an enter-pssession command on an RT box to the Windows 7 box, allowing me to do a get-process on the Windows 7 box from the RT box.

ALSO... if you want to enable remoting ON your RT box, then just do it the same way, but PowerShell doesn't want to allow that if you're on a network using the "Public" firewall profile.  The easiest workaround is to

1) from an elevated command prompt, type WF and Enter to open the Windows Firewall.
2) click "Inbound Rules."
3) Find the rule -- it'll be grayed out -- named "Windows Remote Management (HTTP-In)" under the profile "Public."
4) Right-click it, choose Enable Rule.

Of course, you've now loosened up your RT's firewall a bit, but not in a way that seems terribly worrisome unless you've got a really, really bad local admin password.

Comment: the iPad DOES encrypt its storage, if you put a PIN on the iPad.
I didn't know that, but apparently it's true, so my thanks for being straightened out on that.

I hope that helps someone, and while I'm here...
Find out about the class and come join us next week:

Thanks for letting me visit with you.  Stay warm!
Mark Minasi

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