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How Microsoft Does IT - Rulla ut Office 2010 till 100 000 datorer...

Microsoft har släppt ett whitepaper med info om hur man rullade ut Office 2010 till mer än 100 000 datorer internt på Microsoft.

Läs hela här (eller ladda ned wordfilen): http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff823756.aspx
Executive Summary

The prerelease version of Microsoft® Office 2010 gave Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) the opportunity to validate Office 2010 during its development and to test deployment tools and processes designed to simplify the enterprise-wide rollout of applications. The team also wanted to extend the productivity-increasing benefits of the enhanced Office 2010 applications to users throughout the company while minimizing the impact on productivity.

Microsoft IT partnered with the Office 2010 product group around a number of shared goals that described the scale of the deployment required to effectively validate the products while also validating some key scenarios and new features. By using Microsoft employees to test the prerelease versions of Office 2010, Microsoft IT also achieved the shared goal of providing a real-world testing environment for capturing product and deployment feedback. Collaborating with the Office 2010 product group helped improve the product before it was released to customers.

Before deploying Office 2010 to a large group of early adopters within the company, Microsoft IT provided the Office 2010 suite to line-of-business (LOB) application developers. This plan ensured that the existing LOB applications would be compatible with Office 2010. Providing the suite also enabled the application developers to develop enhancements to LOB applications based on new features and functionality offered in Office 2010.

This white paper describes Microsoft IT's experience with the delivery process, installation, and use of new deployment tools for the Office 2010 client. This white paper is written specifically for enterprise technical decision makers, technical architects, and deployment managers who are considering a deployment of Office 2010 within their companies.

This white paper is based on Microsoft IT's experience and recommendations as an early adopter. It is not intended to serve as a procedural guide. The Microsoft environment is unique in that its users tend to be more technically inclined than average users, and its desktop management philosophy is to give users control over their own computers. Installation of prerelease software is strictly voluntary at Microsoft, and Microsoft IT made the Office 2010 client available to all employees during the deployment process.

Each enterprise environment has its own unique circumstances. Therefore, each organization should adapt the plans and activities described in this white paper to meet its specific needs and use this information along with the guidance provided by the Office 2010 site for IT pros, which you can find at http://www.officeitpro.com.

Note: For security reasons, the sample names of internal resources and organizations used in this paper do not represent real resource names used within Microsoft and are for illustration purposes only.

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