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Steg-för-steg, hur man implementerar OCS Instant Messaging i Outlook Webb App (OWA)

Steg 1 i en artikelserie som visar hur man steg-för-steg sätter upp Office Communicator Server och dess Instant Messaging direkt i OWA. Det är en riktigt cool feature, speciellt om man har många personer som bara kommer åt mailen genom OWA.

Steg 1 i artikelserien går igenom vilka saker som skall göras på Exchange sidan. Steg 2 kommer sedan att ta upp vad som skall göras på OCS sidan.
(och innan nån frågar: Jo, man måste ha Exchange 2010).

Hela artikeln hittar man här:

Artikeln börjar:
I will start by mentioning that Exchange Server 2010 has in fact improved the integration between OCS and Outlook Web App. In this new version we can have the Instant Messaging component in an OWA session, which is great! The integration process has several steps and we will cover them in this two-part article series. The main steps to integrate both products can be summarized in the following list of tasks:

Settings to be done in Exchange Server:
  • Install software components on the CAS Server
  • Configure the web.config file for the integration
  • Configure the OWA to allow Instant Messaging integration

Settings to be done in OCS
  • Configure OCS Host Authorization pointing out to Exchange Server

Before you start playing with the technical steps, let’s go over some of the key points that can save you some time during the integration process, as follows:

  • A certificate installed on the CAS Server must be trusted and valid by OCS Front End/Pool. It is not essential to have the same certificate used by OWA, however, it must still be installed and specified in the web.config file.
  • If you use multiple certificates, make sure that the certificate information entered on the web.config is from the certificate that is trusted by the OCS server
  • Don’t even try using Self-signed certificates; If you don’t have a Public certificate use an Internal CA.
  • Keep your OCS and Exchange Server environments up to date with the latest Microsoft Updates.
  • Office Communications Server 2007 R2 is supported on Windows Server 2008 (This article was written before the launch of Windows Server 2008 R2) which means that if you want to test those features on Windows Server 2008 R2 you may need to install additional software and updates for some of the components. Make sure that Windows Server 2008 R2 is supported before starting the integration process.
  • You can achieve the integration using the minimum of two servers: a single Exchange Server and just one Front-End Server
  • Communicator Web Access is not required to enable the integration
  • Enabling IM integration does not mean that CWA (Communicator Web Access) can be removed from your network. CWA offers a bunch of features that are not found in the IM integration in OWA. You can control the Instant Messaging feature to the end users using OWA Mailbox Policies
  • Just to make sure: the user must be Mailbox enabled and also OCS enabled!

If you don’t have OCS installed on your environment and you would like to do some testing in your lab, you can follow the OCS installation procedures of this MSExchange.org article series to bring you up to speed with the OCS deployment.

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