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Ny version av Citrix XenClient 1.0 Compatibility Guide

Hittas här: http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129050

Lite Copy-Paste:
Osupporterade features i XenClient 1.0 SP 1
• External eSATA Port
• FireWire (IEEE 1394) Port
• PCI express-based internal and expansion slot I/O cards
• Full Disk Encryption (FDE) (while FDE drives are transparent to the operating systems, the OEM partners will provide management support in a future version of XenClient)
• Network Access Protection (NAP)
• Display Port (DP)
• SD/MMC cards and modems
• Intel IRRT disk configuration and tools
• Extended secondary monitor support for non-3D Graphics (HDX) virtual machines
• Multi-monitor support via docking station
• In-guest virtual Trusted Platform Module (iTPM) support
• BIOS upgrade inside virtual guests. The BIOS must be upgraded using other vendor-specific methods (e.g. bootable USB or CD where applicable)

HP supports the following platforms with Citrix XenClient SP1:
• EliteBook 6930p
• EliteBook 8440p
• EliteBook 2530p
• EliteBook 2540p
• EliteBook 2740P
• ProBook 6550b
• Elite Desktop 8000
• Elite Desktop 8100

Dell supports the following platforms with Citrix XenClient SP1:
• Latitude E4200
• Latitude E4300
• Latitude E4310
• Latitude E6400
• Latitude E6410
• Latitude E6500
• Latitude E6510
• OptiPlex 780
• OptiPlex 980

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