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Data Protection Manager 2010 datasheets

DPM 2010, eller Data Protection Manager finns det en massa information om.
Här kommer lite till. :)

Det är ett par länkar till olika datasheets som beskriver funktionalitet i DPM mot några olika Microsoft produkter:

Product Overview of DPM 2010

How to Protect Microsoft SQL Server with DPM 2010

How to Protect Microsoft Exchange with DPM 2010

How to Protect Microsoft SharePoint with DPM 2010

How to Protect Windows Clients with DPM 2010

För de som inte känner till DPM så kan denna text förhoppningsvis ge en viss insikt:
Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 is part of the System Center family of management products from Microsoft. It delivers unified data protection for Windows servers such as SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Virtualization and file servers -- as well as Windows desktops and laptops.

•New in 2010 is the ability for roaming laptops to get centrally managed policies around desktop protection. Your laptop data will be protected whether you are connected to the corporate network or travelling on an airplane.

•DPM also provides native site-to-site replication for Disaster Recovery to either another DPM server or an off-site cloud provider.

•Centrally managed System State and Bare Metal Recovery are also new in DPM 2010.

DPM seamlessly uses disk, tape, and cloud-based repositories to deliver an easy-to-use and best-of-breed backup and recovery solution for Windows environments from Microsoft. Windows customers of all sizes can rely on Microsoft to provide a scalable and manageable protection solution that is cost-effective, secure, and reliable.

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