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Bra tips om NFS i Windows...

4 artiklar om NFS och vad de har för frågor i varje artikel.

Important Tips on NFS (Part 1)
- How can we map users in Windows 2008?

- Why the mapping information is not getting saved through GUI:

- How can we manage permission on a Windows NFS share?

- Who gets the ownership for a file\folder, if it is created from Windows side?
Important Tips on NFS (Part 2)

- Why I am unable to change ownership from Windows clients?

- Why Windows explorer does not refresh automatically for the file\folder which are created from Unix clients?
- Issue accessing multipath share using UNC path:

Important Tips on NFS (Part 3)

- Why we are unable to do a persistent mount across logons?

- How can I copy the NTFS permission from one folder to another?

- What are the basic NFS commands?

Important Tips on NFS (Part 4)

- What registry keys can be modified, if the number of Unix clients are more?

- What are the common errors in NFS?
- What are related Technet documents for NFS over windows 2008?

- What are the common tools to diagnose NFS issue?

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