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Exchange 2013: Discontinued Features (Bra-att-ha information)

Bra sammanställning på saker som försvinner i och med Exchange 2013.´
(Cred till Anders S-V som tipsade om listan som är hämtad från http://exchangelogs.com/2013/03/04/exchange-2013-discontinued-features/)

Å här är listan:
  • We do not have ability to link connectors anymore. The ability to link a Send connector to a Receive connector has been removed. Specifically, the LinkedReceiveConnector parameter has been removed from New-SendConnector and Set-SendConnector
  • Outlook Web App do not have built in spell check anymore. Albeit it relies on the spell check services provided by web browsers.
  • MAPI over RPC has been removed completely. That means all Microsoft Outlook clients are connected to mailbox server through Outlook Anywhere (RPC/ HTTP).
  • Outlook 2003 is no longer supported .To connect Microsoft Outlook to Exchange 2013, the use of the Autodiscover service is mandatory. However, Microsoft Outlook 2003 doesn’t support the use of the Autodiscover service.
  • Exchange management Console and Exchange Control Panel has been removed. Web based Exchange Administration Centre (EAC) has been introduced.
  • While Exchange 2010 AntiSpam management can be done through Exchange Management Console (EMC) but in Exchange 2013 you can’t manage it in Exchange Administration Centre. You need to manage this through Exchange Management Shell
  • In Exchange 2010, you use managed folders for messaging retention management (MRM). In Exchange 2013, managed folders aren’t supported. We need to use retention policies for MRM
  • Exchange Best Practice Analyser has been retired.
  • Mail flow troubleshooter has been retired. Now in Exchange 2013 Messaging tracking feature available in EAC can be used instead.
  • Performance Monitor was included in the Exchange 2010 toolbox to allow you to collect information about the performance of your messaging system. In Exchange 2013, the Performance Monitor has been retired from the toolbox. We can still find the Performance Monitor under Administrative Tools in Windows Server 2008.
  • Performance troubleshooter feature has been discontinued from the toolbox.
  • Routing Log Viewer also no longer available in Exchange 2013 toolbox.

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